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I have always been interested in physics, science, the way the world works.  I am also very interested in consciousness, altered states, the answers to questions like how did I get here and what am I doing here, on this planet, in this body. 

Yoga, and specifically Lila Yoga, is a study of how the body works in the world, and how the consciousness works in the body.  Lila Yoga (www.lilayoga.com), the summary of the studies of Master Teacher Erica Kaufman (www.ericakaufman.com), has been an incredible tool to help me understand what is going on within me, how that affects the universe, and also how the outside world affects my internal state.  When I am a living understanding of yoga, I can really play and dance and be free in the world.
Did you ever notice that tree branches grow in the same way as our veins? The same mechanism giving oxygen to the atmosphere is bringing oxygen to our bodies.  Our bodies’ nervous system wires electricity in patterns that look and behave like lightning.  


Is this just an incredible coincidence? Movement scholars like Erica Kaufman and unified field scientists such as Nassim Haramein (www.resonanceproject.org) don’t think so, and I personally don’t believe in coincidences. :)

These remarkable phenomena are clues that lead us to the fractal nature of reality.  In a fractal, the same basic shapes and patterns are repeated in different locations and remain fundamentally the same as they get smaller and bigger.   In other words, in fractals, the small and the big are mirrors for each other.  Trees and veins and lightning bolts grow in the same patterns as nerves and rivers, and countless other things found in nature. Electrons spin around their nucleus like planets spin around the sun.  Eyeballs look like black holes, and if you have an imagination, they even look like tiny universes.

Did you ever notice that everything exists in opposites? Emotions go from up to down, our breath goes in and out, we sleep and wake, plants grow and die, waves rise and fall. 

These opposites are actually just two halves of a cycle; two parts completing the whole.  When anything is in motion, such as every atom in the universe at all times, polarity must exist.  The ancient zen masters knew this, hence the Yin yang!

Through the teachings and practices of Lila Yoga, I have realized that yoga is (read: should be) the study of consciousness existing within the body, which is within the universe, and that we are subject to the laws of the universe (physics).  Our Human Forms are embodying those very laws.  When we can tune into these phenomena during a yoga practice, we give potential for the practice to really come alive, to awaken what it is to be human.

The same cycles that happen in nature happen within us.  In Lila Yoga we root to rise (like a tree), similarly in all of nature we coil and expand like a spring, empty and fill our lungs, gather and spread like seeds, we open and close like seashells, and we die in savasana to be reborn again into the latest versions of ourselves. 

We are constantly teetering between activity and rest.  We cannot fully rest if we are resting all the time, and we cannot fully expand and act when we are active all the time.  Subject to the laws of physics, we must bounce between opposites.  When we mindfully put all of our focus and determination into the postures, then we can really let go into poses such as balasana, savasana or seated meditation, and they provide the most deep and healing kind of surrender, rest and restoration. 

In the Lila Yoga practice, Erica guides us to tune into the physics around us, and we feel the currents of electricity/ prana that run through our cells, bodies, planet and cosmos.  Our awareness moves from the microcosm to the macrocosm, tuning into the feelings in our cells and then expanding out into the feeling of the universe.  Through awareness and sensitivity to the small, immediate body, we have access to the entire cosmos.
The practice of Lila Yoga has opened me up to this understanding in my yoga and daily life.  I have the power to tune into my bodymind as a constantly changing reality, and I can clean my energy, unite with what is, and truly play (“Lila”) in the world with full joy, awareness and love. 

Erica Kaufman explains it like this:

Lila Yoga is unique in that it works with our relationship to energy in the body/mind and around the body. Each moment and situation in our lives requires a specific energy quality, quantity, physical location and movement of energy, and expression of energy.  When we have a disproportionate amount of energy or an inappropriate energy quality given into any situation, it causes stress.  Becoming aware of this process enables us to make more informed decisions.

We are intricately connected with the cosmos, but yet we have a small unique individual perspective of and influence on the world.  Lila Yoga teaches us to recognize this small unique power and mood of our own being, and begin to clean and surrender it into higher forces.  When we do this, we know what is the right way to act, and we open ourselves up for the connection with all.  That’s what we all really want, anyway.

So the process is, tune in, clean up, and connect to all.  And it can all be done without a smart phone.  We all have the power.

May your inner universe be happy, wild and free, and intimately connected with all that is.



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